Business alliances

busi-mediumWe are expanding our existing strategic interests and are exploring opportunities to establish new businesses with leading companies that offer complementary technologies, products and services. The strategies partner would preferably be engaged in either of the following businesses:

Manufacturing of test and handling equipment to support the semiconductor manufacturers in the back-end manufacturing process.

Manufacturing electrical related component or instrument intended to market in Singapore and Asian region. We believe that by establishing these alliances and working closely with them, the alliance and we are in better position to win future business together.

Electrical component agency

To work with potential principal(s) as agent to their marketable product in local retailing businesses.

Automation and mechanical design and services

We intend to work with companies providing automation, mechanical design and technical services to Original Equipment Manufactuerers (“OEM”). They should be able to provide the required manufacturing capability and operational flexibility.

Equipment representative

To work with potential principal(s) to represent products, equipment or machine in the manufacturing industry or electrical industry.

Interested parties, please contact us.