Automatic Transfer Switches


ATyS_NWork2They are consist of two load-break switches mounted back to back, and electrically and mechanically interlocked.

Their function is to provide manual or remote controlled switching of two sources. These sources may be 2 transformers, or one transformer and a generator set. Power supply for Remote control are standard voltages: 230VAC, 50/60Hz.

The ATyS range of products integrate electrical and mechanical interlocking systems in order to guarantee safe transfer operation. All the products are fitted with manual operation. Their electrical operation is achieved by an electronically driven motorized module.

Socomec ATyS automatic change over switch

ATySM3_160pIt is two mechanically interlocked power switches.
Back-up manual operation of the 3 positions, configuration padlocking
Electrical control of switch position I,O & II

ATySM3s 4Poles

* Rating 63/80/100/125/160A
* small and Enclosure integration type

ATySM6s 4Poles

* Rating 63/80/100/125/160A
* small and Enclosure integration type
* Two built-in supplies
* Automatic control of position
* Its output able to control Generator set.

ATyS3s 3Poles or 4poles

ATyS3_150p* Rating 125/160/250/400/630/800/1250/1600A

Conformity to standards

• EN 60947-3
• NBN EN 60947-3
• BS EN 60947-3
• GB 14048
• IEC 60947-6-1
• EN 60947-6-1
• NBN EN 60947-6-1
• BS EN 60947-6-1
• VDE 0660-107




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